Jools Holland

01 August 2014

Jools Holland returned to play in the Park last Saturday.  His guest stars included Marc Almond, Mel C and Ruby Turner.  Ticket sales accelerated as the date approached, and the weather kept fine.  We now have a Public Entertainment Licence for events for up to 10,000 people, so the process of arranging it all was made much easier.  


The evening started well as everyone arrived well in advance and the access and parking arrangements worked better than in the past.   Jools himself was certainly on time and played with great brilliance, energy and enthusiasm.  The ominous black cloud that appeared over the site deposited some rain, but luckily not too much.  By the time I had gone back to the house to collect umbrellas, it had stopped.  If I had not gone, no doubt it would have continued.

A gap was left in front of the stage, and once the music started, it quickly filled up.  Grass is not the ideal dancing surface, though better than mud, but that did not stop the evening developing into a happy giant disco.  As the acts warmed up, so the crush increased, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Jools commented afterwards that Eastnor had provided a great audience, which must be what the performers want.  They certainly gave their best, and we look forward to having them back before too long.

JH-B   1 August 2014