Eastnor Estate

The Eastnor Estate which features over 100 buildings, is situated in the Malvern Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 15 miles South-West of Worcester. The estate is approximately 5,000 acres comprising of farmland, woodland and parkland. Parts of the Estate are identified by Natural England as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and some of the land is within a Geopark.Today the estate is a very diverse and successful family business in its own right. The estate business comprises of farming, short-term tenanted cottages, commercial property lets, and a busy tourism based around the Castle and Deer Park.



The Estate Office manages the land and properties on the estate. The Estate Office is open between 9.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Contact details for the Estate Office are as follows:

Eastnor Castle Estates Co.
The Estate Office

Telephone: 01531 632302
Email: enquiries@eastnorestate.co.uk



The Estate has its own team of skilled craftsmen who help maintain the estate properties and estate infrastructure. The Estate Property Department look after everything from our private water supplies to the refurbishment of Estate properties. The team are assisted  by local contractors and specialists who ensure all the properties and infrastructure are well maintained.



The Cocks family, ancestors of James, moved to Eastnor at the end of the 16th Century. They bought the Manor of Castleditch, an engraving of which is in the Great Hall, and over the following 200 years gradually accumulated further land in this area. The Cocks married into the Worcestershire-based Somers family; the aggregation of their estates with the valuable inheritance passed down by the Lord Chancellor Somers in the early 18th Century, the banking wealth of the Cocks Biddulph bank (now incorporated into Barclays), and the sale of his father’s estate at Dumbleton, near Evesham, gave the 1st Earl Somers the means to start building the castle in 1812. The family, distinguished in law, politics and the army, needed a new residence more in keeping with its status.

Eastnor Estate properties

The Eastnor Estate has an extensive portfolio of rural properties to rent ranging from charming properties to large farmhouses and outbuildings. The properties are available on a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

The properties are situated in and around the village of Eastnor at the foot of the Malvern Hills and close to nearby Ledbury.

The Eastnor Estate properties are managed by Emma Tolley Rural Land Management.

Any available properties are detailed below.

Available Shortly
Two 2 bedroom single storey semi-detached units
£650.00 pcm