Top 5 Benefits of Weekend Weddings

06 July 2022

Weekend weddings are becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate marriage and it’s easy to see why.

What is a Weekend Wedding?

A weekend wedding (or two-three day wedding) is when a couple looking to get married extends the celebrations to the day before and after the wedding day. This means overnight stays in the wedding venue spent with family and friends. There are many benefits to celebrating a marriage in this way.

Couple just married in an outdoor ceremony

Time With Loved Ones

Having a weekend wedding means more precious time to spend with family and friends around the big day. We all know that weddings can go by so fast, and so having a weekend wedding allows that extra time to bond with loved ones and reminisce on the good times.

When done right, wedding weekends can provide the opportunity for some bonding (and reconnecting) prior to the ceremony and reception for guests. There will be days to interact with guests instead of mere hours, which means the happy couple can focus their attention on other guests as needed during the reception.

Overnight Accommodation

Opting for a weekend wedding means overnight accommodation for the couple and guests, making it a great choice practically too. Eastnor Castle is a wedding venue with overnight accommodation, with 12 luxury castle bedrooms and holiday cottages on the Eastnor Estate to sleep a further 34 guests.

Having overnight accommodation for a wedding saves time and money, offering a place to stay for guests and negating the need for additional travel and expenses. It also means they have more time to take in the beauty of their surroundings, and none more so than at Eastnor Castle!

Red Bedroom

Convenience of Location

Having a weekend wedding takes away the stress of having to move between different locations on a wedding day, giving peace of mind that everything is happening in one place so that the happy couple and guests can totally relax.

Removing the necessity to travel between multiple venues not only saves time on a wedding day, but it allows for that much-needed relaxation between scheduled events. Weddings are magical but can be hectic, so this goes an extra step in making it less so!

Increased Privacy

Wedding days are a special and intimate time, and having a weekend wedding means that can be enjoyed further with total privacy. This means the couple and the wedding party will have the freedom to move about as needed without fear of interruption or bothering other guests.

A private dinner the night before the wedding at Eastnor Castle wedding venue can be as formal or as informal as desired; from a black-tie dinner in the State Dining Room to stone-baked pizzas or fish & chips on the terrace, the options are endless.

Exclusive Use of Venue

A weekend wedding at Eastnor Castle, with exclusive use of the castle and grounds, allows guests and the couple to arrive and relax the day before the wedding, ensuring they wake up feeling calm on the big day.

Our 5000-acre country house estate lends itself to numerous fun activities to enjoy the day before your wedding; including Land-Rover Off-Road driving, yoga inside the castle and country pursuits such as clay pigeon shooting, archery or duck herding. Choosing a weekend wedding means guests can try something new that they may never have otherwise thought of!

Get in touch with our wonderful wedding team at Eastnor Castle today to find out more about hiring our country estate and castle wedding venue for a weekend wedding.