Castle Wedding FAQ’s

We’ve put together a list of questions that we often get asked.

We’ll be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have,
simply give us a call, drop us an email or send us a contact form.


Do we have to pay any extra for the Civil Wedding Ceremony? Plus Icon

Yes, there is a fee of £500.00 for holding a Civil Ceremony inside the Castle and there will also be a fee to pay directly to the registrar in order for them to conduct the ceremony for you.

How long does a Civil Ceremony take? Plus Icon

A Civil Ceremony normally takes around 25 minutes, a little longer if you include readings or music.

How many guests can we invite for a Civil Wedding Ceremony? Plus Icon

We are licensed to hold Civil Wedding Ceremonies for up to 150 guests.

What does a Humanist Ceremony involve? Plus Icon

A Humanist Ceremony is a celebration rather than a legal ceremony and can be carried out anywhere within the Castle or the grounds. If you have a humanist ceremony you will also need to arrange to be legally married with the local Registrar.

Which room would we have our Civil Wedding Ceremony in? Plus Icon

The Gothic Drawing Room, Great Hall and Octagon Rooms are all licensed for Civil Wedding Ceremonies although the most popular choice is the Gothic Drawing Room. We can also hold ceremonies outside although we don’t have a licenced space so you will need to sign your marriage certificate in one of our licenced rooms afterwards.

Do we have to book the registrar separately? Plus Icon

Yes, it is a legal requirement that you contact the Registrar separately and ensure they are available to conduct a Civil Wedding Ceremony on the date you have chosen and it is best to do this before you confirm your date with Eastnor Castle. We will give you the contact details of the local registrar when you come for a show-round.

Catering & Wine

Can we bring our own caterers in? Plus Icon

It is essential that we offer a consistently high standard of catering and therefore only offer our own excellent caterers, Emma & Clive’s Distinctive Catering, who offer an exceptionally high level of service and competitive prices.

What deposit do I have to pay when I confirm a date? Plus Icon

Once you have booked a date, we will send out a contract and a deposit invoice for 50% of the Castle Hire fee. Six months prior to your wedding date the balance of the Castle Hire fee is due. The balance of payment (to include all catering, a drinks deposit and any extra bedrooms) will be invoiced 8 weeks before your wedding day.

Can we bring our own wine in? Plus Icon

Wine and champagne must be purchased through Eastnor Castle and we don’t offer a corkage service. If there is something specific you would like to offer to your guests which isn’t on our wine list we will be happy to try and source it on your behalf.

Can we taste the wine before we select it? Plus Icon

Yes, you can purchase any of the wines from the wine list to taste before choosing.

Why can we not have red wine outside of the Wedding Breakfast? Plus Icon

Red wine can be consumed throughout your Wedding Breakfast but we don’t allow it to be served outside the Dining Room. The reason for this is that it can stain our precious flagstone floors and furniture if it gets spilt, causing permanent damage.


Can my guests call independently to book a bedroom? Plus Icon

The bride and groom must co-ordinate the booking and payment of all bedrooms that are required. We are not able to take bedroom bookings and payment from individual guests.

Can we bring our own cots and / or bedding? Plus Icon

Z beds or cots must be booked for children or additional guests staying in the bedrooms however parents may bring their own travel cot and bedding for babies under 3 years old.

Do you have a Bridal Suite? Plus Icon

We don’t have a dedicated bridal suite; all 12 bedrooms are beautifully and individually appointed so the bride and groom can choose their favourite room and then allocate the other rooms to their guests accordingly.

Decorations & Accessories

Can we have confetti or rose petals? Plus Icon

We don’t allow the throwing of confetti or rose petals in the Castle or grounds. Confetti and rose petals leave a residue and whilst we make every effort to clear this up, we would hate for any of our brides to arrive and see the remnants of someone else’s confetti.

Can we have candles around the Castle? Plus Icon

Candles can be used on the tables as long as they are in a safe candle holder (a maximum of 5 candles per table is permitted).

Can we have helium balloons? Plus Icon

We don’t allow helium balloons in the Castle as the ceilings are extremely high and it’s therefore almost impossible to retrieve them if they escape up to the ceiling.

Can we have table crystals? Plus Icon

We don’t allow table crystals as these can sometimes fall onto the floor and cause accidents by getting underneath high heels. They also scratch the stone floors.

Can we launch Chinese lanterns? Plus Icon

Unfortunately we don’t allow Chinese lanterns to be launched as the debris impacts on our local residents and farmland. It also causes harm to local livestock. This ruling is in line with recommendations from the Country Land Association.

Booking Process

How long can you provisionally hold a date for us? Plus Icon

Once you’ve been for a show-round, we can provisionally hold a date for you for 5 working days. If we haven’t had any other interest in that date by the end of the 5 days we can extend the provisional booking for you but if we do have other interest in the date then we will ask you whether you would like to book or release the date.

What deposit do I have to pay when I confirm a date? Plus Icon

Once you have booked a date, we will send out a contract and a deposit invoice for 50% of the Castle Hire fee. Six months prior to your wedding date the balance of the Castle Hire fee is due. The balance of payment (to include all catering, a drinks deposit and any extra bedrooms) will be invoiced 8 weeks before your wedding day.

Will I have one contact at Eastnor Castle when planning my wedding or will I deal with a number of different people? Plus Icon

Hayley, our Wedding Planner, works full time at the Castle and will work with you right up to your big day. Haley will invite you to come for a meeting approximately 10-12 weeks before your wedding day to discuss the logistics of your day. At the planning meeting, you will also meet our Head of Operations, Ben, who will be here on your wedding day to ensure that everything runs to plan. Hayley and Ben work very closely together.

When can we come and have a look round the Castle? Plus Icon

We would be delighted to show you round Eastnor Castle to bring to life what we can offer you for your special day. Please contact Hayley, our Wedding Planner, to book an appointment.


Can my photographer come to the Castle before the wedding to look round? Plus Icon

Yes, but please make an appointment before hand.

Can we drop anything off the day before our wedding? Plus Icon

Yes, you can drop table plans, name cards, favours etc. the day before your wedding and also your dress and suits if you’d like to.

Can we have lunch at the Castle whilst we are getting ready? Plus Icon

Yes, we can provide a sandwich lunch for you while you are getting ready. This would need to be ordered in advance.

Can we stay over the night before our wedding? Plus Icon

You can choose to hire the Castle the day before your wedding for a pre-wedding party if you’d like to. We offer a competitive Dinner, Bed & Breakfast rate for the night before, based on a minimum of 10 guests. Please enquire for further details.

Can we use the Church in Eastnor village? Plus Icon

Yes, St John the Baptist Church is in the village of Eastnor and can hold up to 150 guests. Couples from all over the country have been married at the church; you will need to contact the vicar to discuss the arrangements and check availability. We will give you the contact details of the Church and vicar when you come for a show-round.

Can you provide an easel to hold our table plan? Plus Icon

Yes, we provide an easel which can hold your table plan.

Can you recommend any local suppliers? (florist, photographer etc.) Plus Icon

When you come for a show-round we will give you a comprehensive contact list with details of local suppliers such as photographers, florists, cake makers etc.

Do I have to lay the name cards etc. out on the morning of our wedding or can you do that for us? Plus Icon

We can lay the table with your name places, favours, menus etc. as long as they are given to us in table order. We will lay these out for you on the morning of your wedding.

Do we have to use a marquee for the evening reception? Plus Icon

A dance marquee would be required for your evening reception if your guest numbers exceed 150 and/or if you have a band consisting of 5 band members or more.

Do you allow children at the Castle? Plus Icon

Yes, we welcome children to the Castle but ask that they are supervised at all times.

Do you have a cloakroom we can use? Plus Icon

We don’t have a dedicated cloakroom but we do have a hanging rail by the front door, where guests can leave their coats.

Do you recommend having a break between the day and the evening? Plus Icon

We strongly recommend that your daytime reception rolls into your evening party without a break. In our experience, a lull in the day can impact on the success of a wedding.

Is the Castle lit from the outside at night time? Plus Icon

Yes, the front and back of the castle is lit by floodlighting at night.

What is the maximum number of guests we can have for the Wedding Breakfast? Plus Icon

We can fit 80 in the Dining Room and 150 in the Great Hall for a sit-down meal on 5′ round tables.

What time can we arrive at the Castle on our Wedding Day? Plus Icon

Exclusive hire of the Castle starts at 11am. We normally recommend the bride arrives at 11am with whoever she’s getting ready with and then the groom and any other overnight guests can arrive from 12.30pm. That way we can ensure the bride is out of sight before anyone else arrives!

What time do we have to finish the party? Plus Icon

In order to conform with our Premises Licence and out of consideration for local residents, all wedding parties must finish by 12 midnight.

What time do we need to leave the Castle the next day? Plus Icon

We serve breakfast at 9am and all rooms will need to be vacated by 10am. This is so that we have an hour to clean and service the rooms before the next event, which will start promptly at 11am.

Where does the bride normally get ready? Plus Icon

Most brides choose to get ready in the Tulip Room as it has lots of natural light, plenty of mirrors, lots of space and its own bathroom.

Will I need a microphone for the speeches? If so, do I have to provide my own? Plus Icon

A microphone is not needed for speeches in the Dining Room but a microphone and PA system is required for speeches in the Great Hall and we provide these free of charge.

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