We have just hosted the Travelling Souk  at Eastnor, and it was attended by over 300 keen shoppers, snapping up bargains well in advance of Christmas.  We have quite a number of Middle Eastern and oriental objects and carpets on display, including Persian bronze peacocks and two Persian portraits, north Indian armour from the Sikh wars, an Amritsar carpet, a Syrian bridal chest and a bas-relief from northern Iraq, so we felt very much at home with the souk.

Some of the money raised will go to charity.  We are very happy to host a number of charity events either in the house or the grounds.  One activity that attracts lots of sponsored entrants involves abseiling 65 foot (nearly 20 metres) down one of our towers or taking a zip wire across the lake, also starting at the top of a tower.

We do not always hear how much has been raised, but the known total so far this year is just over £19,000, including events in the Park.  It is a great way to use the house and bring in a different group of visitors.          JH-B