Wizard Wonky

28 August 2009

Wizard Wonky at Eastnor Castle

This week, Herefordshire’s best wizard, Wizard Wonky, has been entertaining our younger visitors when we have been open to the public. Wonky has a range of activities and here he is showing how to make animal shapes from balloons, assisted by his daughter. 

He used to be the leader of our children’s group activities when we had a special week for children, but now we spread our entertainments over the whole holiday period so we are less affected by bad weather. His programme includes Fun & Games and Magic Tricks. His sense of humour is fantastic, although many of the jokes pass over the heads of his young audience and more are enjoyed by the parents and grandparents.

In real life, as John Norris, he is a Maths teacher, and I wish he had been mine as he has no problem keeping order, explaining clearly and holding attention. His success reminds us that there is nothing better than good live entertainment and a bit of competition. Computer games stand no chance when the Wizard is around!

Tomorrow is his last day at Eastnor Castle this year, so come along if you can, even if it is raining as the Wizard has a shelter for himself and his audience…   JH-B�