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Knight’s Maze


The Knights Maze at Eastnor Castle is one of our most popular attractions, the yew maze was planted in 1994 and has challenged visitors for over 20 years. The knights maze originally sat next to a Garden Centre, which closed and the building is now used as our Visitor Entrance on days when we open to visitors.

The Knight’s Maze opened for the first time in 1995 although the yew plants were only about 30cm high at that point!  Even so, small children enjoyed finding their way to the middle, without the risk of getting lost! The yews grew very quickly and soon became a very challenging knights maze! In fact, it was so challenging that initially there were problems as children would get stuck and then break through the hedge to get out, leaving big holes.

Thankfully, the hedge is now too thick and we provide a map to visitors so they can find their way out in an emergency!

The tower in the middle of the knight’s maze and the children’s assault course were added much later in 2005 and now provide an excellent play area, in addition to our adventure playground next to the castle.

Every year, Eastnor’s grounds men take about 3 weeks to trim the maze. They laboriously start in the middle and work their way to the outside, cutting the tops and sides of the hedges and using wheelbarrows to remove and dispose of the clippings.  Now that’s AMAZING!

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We visited with a teenager and an 8-year old, and visited the grounds, not the castle. The younger child had plenty to keep them occupied, with good playgrounds, a “mini Land Rover” driving experience, and obstacle course. The whole family enjoyed the really excellent hedge maze and a walk through the woods and around the lake.