Two weeks ago, we hosted a wonderful wedding for a prominent sportsman and his bride. It was certainly the most-carefully planned and most spectacular we have held here, and the weather was perfect

Over the preceding weeks, Becky Johnson, our weddings co-ordinator was in daily contact with the couple’s wedding planner as the details were worked out: catering, table plans, bedrooms, pre-wedding party, hire of horse & carriage, string quartet, fireworks and arrangements with the parish church in Eastnor. But the real difference came with the flowers and the formal garden created in front of the Castle between the Portcullis and Porte Cochère, with a lawn covering the gravel with urns with flowers on the edges and a pergola in the middle. As the bride set off for the church, a path of white petals guided her to her awaiting carriage. She looked absolutely wonderful.

Inside, the flowers were equally spectacular, with roses, orchids, stocks and hydrangeas in profusion. The smells were delicious, and it was a big bonus for the public visitors when they arrived the next day.

On the lower terrace, a night club tent had been put up, with a trail of candles lighting the spiral staircase that drew the guests down to it after the wedding breakfast. The mirror dance floor may have been less of a draw for some, but the orchids trailing from the chandelier in the middle seemed to tempt most to dance.


All in all, it was a wonderful wedding and a very happy day for the bride and groom and all their guests. We loved the excitement and challenge of it, and the flowers that were left behind reminded us of the happy day for the following week.        JH-B