This year’s Big Chill attracted record numbers to our Park and they are booked to return next year, which is good news. In the meantime, the clear up has been going on for the last week or so, with litter picking being an important part of the job.

Everyone knows that litter is a feature of modern life, like queues at airports, speed cameras and unreliable weather. Put over 35,000 people in a relatively confined space with plenty of food and drink, and, luckily, warm and dry weather, and you have a formula for a litter problem. But it is a predictable one, and the organisers of the Big Chill believe their own “Leave no trace” motto, so picking up the litter, both during and after the event, is an absolute priority.

Here is an image of the team at work, sweeping up and down the main event field and doing an excellent job. I would like to have heard their comments, but am not fluent in eastern European languages, which also means I could not thank them eloquently enough for their work. After the Big Chill has left, our Park is litter free, which cannot always be said for the rest of the year. Then we will start restoring the areas of damaged grassland which could not be protected by Trackway, so that absolutely all trace will have disappeared…  JH-B    19/8/09