In 1962, our old estate works department lorry was replaced with this Morris, which then ran for about 18 years before retiring to a shed in the Castle grounds. It was used to convey men and materials about the place on a wide range of repair and maintenance jobs.

We considered selling it, but it was not worth much and each year it acquired more sentimental value for me and George, my brother, as it reminded us of our childhood and our occasional attempts, fortunately unsuccessful for the most part, to get a boost for our bicycling by hanging onto the back. Eventually, about 15 years ago, our then estate mechanic and skilled restorer, Leo Weager agreed to put it back in working order, which he duly did, and now it is a good runner.

Despite scrolling down a number of entries for Morris lorry on the Internet and finding many older and more distinguished models, I have not been able to find an example of ours. Preservationists may have been put off by the now daunting cost of running a 3 litre six cylinder, petrol-engined vehicle, many of which were last seen on the public roads in the hands of new-age travellers, usually unlicensed.

We use the Morris in the summer as a support vehicle for our steam roller, traction engine and steam wagon and for occasional jobs for the Works Department when they are short of transport. In this photo, the Morris has just brought extension ladders up to the Castle where they will be used to replace light bulbs on the Porte Cochère. It is good to see it back at work, and our visitors enjoy seeing it parked in the Courtyard between jobs.     JH-B �