We have been getting more enquiries from couples interested in having a civil ceremony at Eastnor Castle. So we thought it might be a good idea to explain exactly what is involved.

Basically this is a non-religious, legal, marriage ceremony. It has to be conducted a person duly authorised – basically a Registrar. Being non-religious, you will find that hymns and prayers are excluded. We think this is a pity as there are some beautiful writings which lend themselves to any marriage wherever it is held.

So what kind of couples would look at a civil ceremony?
Surprisingly the range is larger than most people realise.
These are just some examples …

a. Civil partnership ceremonies with same sex couples
We will help tailor the ceremony to your exact requirements. Eastnor Castle is a quality wedding venue that offers exclusivity, privacy and plenty of space.

b. A commitment ceremony
Whilst this does not carry any legal implications, it is still a great way to say ” I still love you” and to start the next years of your life with renewed enthusiasm. In a similar vein we also have renewal of vows ceremonies at Eastnor Castle. This can be a beautiful way to celebrate a lifetime together.

c. Wedding celebration ceremonies
This usually makes people stop and think. Why would you need this? A moment’s thought will highlight many examples. For instance, if you live in the UK and want to marry overseas but also want a celebration for your friends and family back home. Sometimes couples in fact want something which is not allowed within the normal wedding ceremony. An example of this would be if they wanted the ceremony conducted by a friend who was not licencsed.

d. A naming ceremony
These are typically performed for children. However, it’s not just the newly-born – it also applies when an older child joins a family, possibly through an adoption.

So whatever the occasion, be it a civil partnership, civil wedding or pink wedding, the Eastnor Castle staff plus an impressive list of local suppliers are available to help you realise your dream celebration. Use our magnificent, 19th century Gothic Drawing Room for the ceremony itself and enjoy exclusive use of the Castle and its grounds. Your peace and privacy are guaranteeed. Read more about Eastnor Castle as a pink wedding venue.