24th – 25th May

Over the Bank holiday weekend we welcomed 4 medieval groups, ‘The Levy’, ‘The Hartley Household’, ‘The Kynge’s Ordinaunce’ and the ‘Bowmen of Gwent’ to camp for two days on our valley lawn and show the public aspects of the medieval way of life. 

We have hosted a medieval weekend for more than 3 years and it has always been a great success. In the event the public were shown re-enactments of medieval archery contests and sword-fighting, the art of the medieval pewter casting trade and the history and making of medieval battle and armour. Throughout the weekend, visitors enjoyed the activities produced which included trying on some authentic armour, an activity much loved by the younger children.

The Hog Roast went down well with everyone, with any scraps being tidied up by visiting and resident dogs, and although the forecast promised otherwise, the weather was good with only a few spatters of rain. Meanwhile down on the lawn, the four visiting groups ate a warming lamb stew with bread and cheese cooked simply over an open fire, without any of the electrical conveniences enjoyed by the public who were catered for in the courtyard. 

All in all, the weekend was very successful; we are now open every Sunday until September with the near future events being:

* 6th & 7th June
       Land Rover World Show – Deer Park

* Sunday 7th June
        Morris Dancing

* Sunday 14th June
        Gun Dogs & Ferret Racing

* 20th-21st June
        Mountain Mayhem 24hr Bike Endurance Race – Deer Park

* Sunday 21st June
         Pirate & Princess Day

We also welcome pre-booked guided tours on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Nancy Hervey-Bathurst