19 November 2010

As the image shows, we are one of the few historic houses to welcome visits from dogs. They enter free of charge as long as they bring an owner on a lead. This year, our records show we have had 380 dog visitors.

My mother started it. She loved dogs and thought it was perfectly reasonable for them to come in. Although the temperature in those days at Easter opening was a lot cooler as the heating was not on and the Hall fire not lit, few dogs mistook the interior of the house for the outside, and accidents were rare, if they happened at all.

Today, some dogs are even an added attraction for other visitors, being easier to relate to and appreciate than some of the obscurer but still, I think, very interesting objects we have on display. On hot days, they welcome the cooler areas, and of course we would lose business if the owner had to stay outside with a dog that could not be left in a car.

So it is good for us and the dogs, and we have earned our place on the Dog Friendly website.

 JH-B  17th November 2010