Kids Day Out at Eastnor Castle

The summer holidays are fast approaching and days out with the kids will be on a lot of parents’ minds. How do we keep them entertained for over a month? Where is there to go for a day out? How do I find things to do? If you are looking for a kids day out in Herefordshire, Malvern or anywhere in the Midlands area, Eastnor Castle is a wonderful option for you and your family. We have lots of events coming up this summer, discover what’s on at the Castle and book today! We have lots to see and do at Eastnor Castle, enough to keep the kids entertained for a whole day (or more)! 


Discover the Grounds

Family walks are the perfect option to get the kids out this summer, as 2020 was the year of walks, a lot of families are looking to keep this healthy tradition up and have enjoyed being at one with nature in the early months of 2021. 

Where better to enjoy the outdoors than our very own Eastnor Deer Park? Eastnor Deer Park is a 300-acre park overlooking Eastnor Castle and the Malvern Hills, full of outstanding natural beauty and a site of special scientific interest where a herd of Red Deer graze in a designated area. Dogs are welcome inside Eastnor Deer Park but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Explore the Castle

What child doesn’t love going to a Castle?! Exploring Eastnor Castle is a perfect day out for the kids, our Castle is a 19th Century revival castle built by the 2nd Baron (Lord) Somers, later 1st Earl, between 1810 and 1824. Eastnor Castle continues to be inhabited by his descendants and is a grade 1 listed building.

Visitors who explore the castle can view the magnificent staterooms including the Great Hall, State Dining Room, Gothic Drawing Room, Octagon Saloon and a number of opulent bedrooms. Visitors are invited to enter the Castle through the magnificent main doors and are welcome to our tea room and open gardens.

Long Library at Eastnor Castle

Fun for All Children

Eastnor Castle offers neverending activities for the perfect kids day out! When it comes to fun for children, Eastnor Castle is bursting with things to entertain and excite children of all ages! Below are just a few activities our Castle offers for children: 

You can find more activities for the children here. The Castle grounds are surrounded by natural play resources such as trees to climb, leaves to kick, sticks to collect and bugs to find! If you’re all swamped out by an energetic day then why don’t you relax with your kids and have a picnic in Eastnor Deer Park.

Things To Do in Herefordshire

Whether you’re local to Hereford or looking to take the kids out for the day, there are lots of areas to take in. Not far from Eastnor Deer Park lie the Malvern Hills, in which lie beautiful scenery, nature and views of the Midlands skyline at the top of the hills. If you’re up for a long walk then you should definitely consider taking on the hills. There are multiple family-friendly pubs to choose from, including the Plough and Harrow situated within Malvern. If you’re into your history then the fun continues, you can visit Abberley Hall, the Malvern Museum, The Tenbury Wells Museum and much more. Check out the historical places to visit in Malvern here.

View of Ledbury from Above

Malvern Campsite

If you’re looking to turn that day out with the kids into a long weekend, then why not camp out at our Malvern campsite

Visitors come to the Eastnor Deer Park Campsite to enjoy its beauty and tranquillity. It is a perfect site for families to relax and enjoy the quiet friendly atmosphere.

The Deer Park Campsite is open to all ages and all camping facilities such as caravans, campervans, tents and motorhomes. With lots to explore across our grounds, camping at our Malvern campsite may be the perfect weekend away for you this summer! Campsite bookings can only be made online here.

If you are looking for a day out with the kids this summer, Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire is the perfect destination. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we have on offer. 

Deer Park campsite at Eastnor Castle

Malvern is a town with a lot of history, and with that comes a lot to show. Below are our top ten selections of historical things to do in Malvern.

Upton Tourist Information & Heritage Centre

Located in the oldest surviving building in Upton, the Upton Tourist Information & Heritage Centre has displays illustrating the growth and development of the town and its involvement in the Civil War of 1651. The Upton upon Severn Tourist Information Centre is also housed in the building.

St Ann’s Well

Many wells, springs and spouts can still be found on the hillside and St Ann’s Well has a long history of welcoming visitors. Visit St Ann’s Well and its cafe to sample the waters. The Grade II listed building is owned and cared for by the Malvern Hills Trust who have recently undertaken a substantial restoration project to secure the future of the building. A tenant runs a café in the building offering refreshments to visitors to the Malvern Hills.

st anns well malvern

Abberley Hall

Abberley Hall School is a coeducational preparatory day and boarding school with about 300 pupils. It is located between Worcester and Tenbury, near the village of Abberley, Worcestershire, England. Ultimately, we provide each and every child with the best possible start in life. Abberley pupils enjoy a magical childhood and grow towards becoming likeable, confident and rounded individuals with a zest for life. We believe that childhood is precious and that children shouldn’t grow up too soon. We promote a sense of awe and wonder in our pupils and we try to remember the advice of Roald Dahl,

Leigh Court Barn (English Heritage)

Leigh Court Barn is a cruck framed barn at Leigh, Worcestershire, England, built in the early fourteenth century to store produce for Pershore Abbey. Medieval monasteries owned farmland that could supply them with food and raw materials, either directly, or indirectly through the sale of surplus produce. Monastic farms, known as granges, were often large-scale operations, and the size and magnificence of the grange barn at Leigh Court suggests that the Pershore Abbey farm was a well-organised and lucrative business.

leigh court barns

Malvern Museum

The Malvern Museum in Great Malvern, the town centre of Malvern, Worcestershire, England, is located in the Priory Gatehouse, the former gateway to the Great Malvern Priory. The museum was established in 1979 and is owned and managed by the Malvern Museum Society Ltd, a registered charity.

Croome (National Trust)

Croome Court is a mid-18th-century Neo-Palladian mansion surrounded by extensive landscaped parkland at Croome D’Abitot, near Upton-upon-Severn in south Worcestershire, England. The mansion and park were designed by Lancelot “Capability” Brown for the 6th Earl of Coventry, and they were Brown’s first landscape design and first major architectural project. Some of the mansion’s rooms were designed by Robert Adam.

The mansion house is owned by Croome Heritage Trust and leased to the National Trust, which operates it as a tourist attraction. The National Trust owns the surrounding parkland, which is also open to the public.

croome court

Great Malvern Priory

Great Malvern Priory in Malvern, Worcestershire, England, was a Benedictine monastery (c. 1075 – 1540) and is now an Anglican parish church. In 1949 it was designated a Grade I listed building. It is a dominant building in the Great Malvern Conservation area. It has the largest display of 15th-century stained glass in England, as well as carved misericords from the 15th and 16th century and the largest collection of medieval floor and wall tiles. In 1860 major restoration work was carried out by Sir George Gilbert Scott. It is also the venue for concerts and civic services.

Tenbury Wells Museum

Tenbury Museum is a museum in the market town of Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, England. It holds a collection of local and social history objects, plus copies of the Tenbury Advertiser newspaper dating back to 1871. The building was originally Goff’s Free School and continued in use as a school until 1914.

The Firs – Elgar’s Birthplace

The Elgar Birthplace Museum has been taken over by the National Trust. The birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar is most definitely home to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. Set in sight of his beloved Malvern Hills, this small family home in the village of Lower Broadheath is the perfect environment for nurturing a creative genius.

Eastnor Steam Weekend

For a historic fun-filled day out, enjoy a day at Eastnor Castle and take in the impressive line-up of steam engines and vintage cars in the Castle Courtyard. Watch a stunning Falconry display on the Valley Lawn (displays throughout the day at 11.30am, 2pm and 4pm) and look out for our resident entertainer who will also be popping up around the grounds to amuse you! Listen to the delightful sounds of Sauce City Jazz as you enjoy your day at the Eastnor Steam Weekend!

For further information and ideas for things to do in Malvern, get in touch with Eastnor Castle today.

Dog Days Out

Dog owners will understand the importance of taking their four-legged friends out for regular walks and exercise. Dog walking isn’t just about letting them have their toilet breaks, it provides them with mental stimulation, physical exercise, and develops their social skills with people and other animals. Whilst taking them out in the back fields is exciting, there are many benefits to taking your dog to different environments – not only for them but for you as the owner. It can be difficult to find dog-friendly places near you that provide as much entertainment for the owner as they do for the dog.

Eastnor Castle is proud to be one of the few dog-friendly castles in the UK.

Dog at Eastnor Castle

Things To Do With Dogs

Simply walking isn’t always enough for some dogs, they require constant stimulation and a variety of environments to explore. You might want to take them for a run, play a game with them (which also provides training opportunity), or bring along toys that they can learn to use. With this, of course, your pet will need to be trained to walk without a lead so that they can develop their obedience and intelligence skills.

Eastnor Castle provides a dedicated dog off leads area so that they can enjoy every aspect of the great outdoors without restriction. We are blessed with a variety of terrains for you and your dog to explore, from rich forestry to our lakeside trail and serene arboretum.

Dog-Friendly Castle

A common issue that dog owners face on days out is the fact that they can’t bring their dogs inside public buildings with them. What if you are tired of walking and want to take a breather indoors? Or what if it starts raining? The benefit of taking dogs indoors is that it allows you to more closely bond and better train them to behave in different territories. Eastnor Castle is one of the few dog-friendly places to allow pets inside as well as outside. Whilst touring the castle, taking in the history and exploring the rooms, your dog can come along for the whole journey.

Dog-Friendly Cafe

Any day out isn’t complete without a stop in the local cafe for a bite to eat or a coffee to refresh. The problem that dog owners face once again is where to leave their faithful friend during the lunch break. Eastnor Castle not only provides refreshment for you but for your dog too, with our Old Sock flavoured Waggy Doggy Ice Cream – available from the Ice Cream Parlour.

Dog walking doesn’t have to be mundane – as we have explored, there are a variety of options to get outdoors for the whole family, including pup. If you are looking for dog days out in the west midlands and the surrounding area, look no further than Eastnor Castle. Set amongst stunning countryside, our dog-friendly venue is the perfect setting to enjoy the great outdoors alongside our rich history and culture. Click here to find out our opening times or get in touch for further information and details.

Dog in the castle ground

Team building is classed as an activity or event that encourages a group of people to work together as a team, often used by business leaders to bring their employees together to develop communication, team-work and collaboration. 

Designed to ultimately improve performance, you want your team building activity to have motivated and excited your staff, making them feel part of the journey and ready to achieve success as a collective business.

Here are just a handful of the benefits of corporate team building events

Building Cross-Company Relationships

Even in companies where culture is king, how often do employees from separate teams work together, or even communicate? Team building is a great opportunity to break down those silos and form teams outside of the traditional departments that may exist within the business. 

Taking your team out of the office and putting them in a new unfamiliar environment – especially pushing them out of their comfort zone with an activity, gives people that may not otherwise interact with each other common ground, and forms relationships that previously didn’t exist. 

Communicating the Vision 

A corporate team building day, or weekend, gives you an opportunity to communicate your company’s aims and vision. Very rarely do we have the chance to gather our whole team and update them on the long-term goals of the business. Taking your team away for an activity gives you a chance to bolt on a strategy meeting, or company presentation, to align the teams and get everyone on the same page.

Improving Productivity

Encouraging teams to get together to find better ways to work will encourage problem-solving and improve communication. You’ll notice that this results in a better performing team – both inside the traditional departments, as well as across the company. 

Uncovering Leadership Qualities 

You may have some real leaders within your business whose strengths have not yet been realised. Taking employees out of the office, putting them with new groups of people and setting them activities and tasks that test them, is a great way to see who steps up and takes charge. Every team needs a leader after all, and you may uncover a pocket of talent you didn’t know you had.

Boosting Staff Morale

Aside from all of the direct business benefits of a corporate team building activity, a day out of the office doing something fun will excite and motivate your team. If your team feels like you have invested in them, communicated with them and they’re part of the future – they will be more motivated to work and you’ll have a better chance of retaining your staff long-term.

Eastnor Castle is a unique corporate events venue situated at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire, experienced in planning and hosting corporate team building events. We’re set in the heart of a 5,000 acre estate, yet we’re only ten minutes from the motorway.

We can organise and accommodate your activities within our grounds, through to hosting your team meetings inside the castle, and with accommodation on-site you can even make a weekend out of it. 

Read more about our team building options, including clay pigeon shooting, abseiling and driving experiences, here. We can organise an action-packed programme of activities, either as a full-day or as a bolt-on to your meeting or conference. Alternatively, we can call upon our expert team building partners to offer bespoke programmes, designed to deliver the benefits you’ve read about here.