20 January 2014

Eastnor will be bringing history to life with a Medieval Re-enactment event for the Bank Holiday weekend called 'Armouritis' on Sunday 24th and Bank Holiday Monday 25th Maybetween 11.00am - 4.30pm.

Eastnor’s famous collection of over 50 suits of armour is the second largest privately-owned collection in Britain.  Charles, 3rd Earl Somers of Eastnor, who collected the armour in the mid-nineteenth century was susceptible to what he jokingly called ‘armouritis’, an incurable disease that gave him an obsession for collecting armour! 

There will be an arms and armour display by ‘The Armoury’ during the weekend along with armour making demonstrations and a chance for people to wear it.  The grounds will come alive with a living history camp showing authentic life in medieval times.  The ‘Kynges Ordynaunce’, the most authentic artillery re-enactment group in Europe, will be giving a spectacular display on the valley lawn along with ‘The Hartley Household’ with military and firing canon displays.  There will be medieval music by ‘The Bubonic Wind Band’, cookery, pewter casting, light hearted talks and dancing around the grounds with plenty of opportunity for the public to ‘join in’.