An Unforgettable Weekend

10 December 2009

We often get letters or emails sent to us about past visits - here is one to share sent in by Diana Jaggard;

I want to share with you one unforgettable weekend I had with my school adventure group - the Young Explorers to Malvern one Autumn in the 1970s as told by one of our parent leaders. "The weekend was the first time most of the children had been hostelling, and our leader Diana Jaggard had arranged for the whole party to be given a guided tour of Eastnor Castle by the owners on the Sunday morning.

Eastnor Castle, by the way, is ‘in the Norman style’ a castle built early 19th century standing in magnificent grounds with deer in the park etc.  We arrived at the Castle at the appointed time to find that we could make no-one hear us.

After a while Diana decided to find the rear entrance in the hope of finding someone while the rest of the party waited at the front entrance.  Five minutes passed and suddenly a figure appeared at a second floor window calling "come round to the side door"! 
In single file we trekked through various family rooms, even the dining room with the remains of breakfast and Sunday papers still on the table.  When we reached Diana she told us that everywhere was unlocked but not a soul about.
So it was decided that we would have a quick tour while we were there.  Just imagine it, Fathers and 20odd eleven year olds, all in dripping cagouls and muddy boots looking round the Great Hall etc.  Inevitably one child wanted the loo and lo and behold Diana found that some of the wall panelling was false and led to the toilets! 
I personally breathed a sigh of relief as we left to have our packed lunch in the deer park. The final irony was the following week when Diana received a letter from the owners of the Castle most apologetic for forgetting the appointment and returning the children's admission money !"